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The Ghanaian music industry isn’t shy from talent and every year there always seems to be new talent emerging! So, I’ve been listening, and compiling a list of Gh musicians that I believe have been doing bits recently and deserve to be heard by everyone. Just remember that these are just my views, and it’s possible for you to have a differing opinion, but I think that you should all be open minded and check these musicians out.

With that being said and in no particular order, here’s a short list of Ghanaian artists I think everyone should keep an ear out for.

J. Derobie

A fast-rising star! I first heard of him at the end of 2018, when I saw his video entry for Mr Eazi’s ‘Empawa 100’ initiative and I must say, it’s been lovely watching him grow as an artist! Since releasing his breakthrough song ‘Poverty’, he has continued to grow by releasing more songs and working with amazing artists like Popcaan, Mr Eazi and Jayso.

J Derobie isn’t someone who should be slept on at all! I mean, look at what he’s achieved in a year, there’s clearly more to come! Make sure you check out his latest single, Odo Bra because whewww it’s an absolute banger.


I’m not too sure when Fameye entered the music scene exactly, but I first heard about him when I saw a video of him on twitter performing the acoustic version of ‘Nothing I get’ and I’ve been in love with his music since. I think what I love most about his music is the fact that there’s always a story/message behind them, which isn’t too common in the Gh music industry. Another reason why I love him is because he gives me Bisa Kdei and Kwesi Arthur vibes! He’s already collaborated with Bisa this year, so I’m just waiting on a Kwesi Arthur collab one of these days.

Fameye provides a very refreshing sound and I can’t wait to hear more music from him! Make sure you check out his latest release, Mati!

La Meme Gang

For those who don’t know, La Meme Gang is made up of 6 really talented guys, Darkovibes, $pacely, Kiddblack, RJZ, Kwaku BS & Nxwrth, and as a collective they’re really talented. I first heard about them last year thanks to Joey B’s song ‘Stables’ and I loved what I heard. They provide a different sound to the average Gh song. I would categorise them as being involved in African Hip Hop but their sound is more like a blend of Afrobeats and Trap, which is nice to hear because it’s different. Tbh, it’s not every day Afrobeats or Hiplife, sometimes a new sound please! What I love the most about La Meme, is that all of the members are different and talented in their own way, which means that it’s possible to listen to them as individuals and as a collective. Individually they’re all amazing so when all of that talent is combined, it’s even more amazing!

They’re a group that deserves all the love possible, so I hope everyone goes off to listen to them and show support. Trust me you won’t be disappointed at all.


Darkovibes is one of the most talented guys in Ghana right now! His music pops severely, whether he’s on his own track, making music with La Meme or featuring on songs with other artists. Some of my favourite Darkovibes tracks have to be Tomorrow, Bless me and his most recent song Different. I believe he’s currently working on his EP, so I’m looking forward to hearing more from him before the end of the year.

Darkovibes is someone that I would 100% recommend you listen to.


I really enjoy hearing $pacely’s voice on hooks/choruses/verses on the tracks I’ve heard. He has a unique sound, and you can tell that he’s someone who doesn’t try to sound like everyone else, which I absolutely love.

If you want to listen to something different, make sure you check him out. Also, I’ve heard that he has an EP coming out very soon, so keep an ear out for new music from him!


For me, RJZ has such an innocent sound and I love it! His music is very soothing and sweet! I love him on every track I’ve heard him on so far, but Bye-Bye is the track that made me fall in love with him the most.
He’s someone with A LOT of potential, so I honestly can’t wait to hear more music from him in the near future!

RJZ is another artist that I would recommend you listen to if you want to hear a different sound.


Twitch is another artist who I think has a lovely and different sound! He’s such an amazing artist and I love hearing “it’s Twitch on the track agai-ain”.

I first heard about him when I heard his track ‘Take your sometin’ – which is a harsh song when you deep the lyrics and watch the music video, but still it’s a banger regardless! Then I heard his song ‘Happy Everyday’ and fell in love with him even more. The chorus has the lyrics ”you for be happy every day, don’t watch nobody and do your thing” and it made him stand out for me simply because sometimes Gh musicians just sing about absolute nonsense, so I was really happy to hear a track where the artist is spreading positivity and making sense.

Make sure you check out his new track ‘Save Me.’

Kofi mole

Kofi Mole is another rising talent in the Gh music scene. I first heard of him when I listened to his song Mensah featuring Kwesi Arthur, and I just loved how different it sounded. Then I heard him on Sarkodie’s Bibii Ba, and I was really impressed by his verse! He’s a very talented individual who raps and sings well. If you listen to his music, you’ll notice that he’s someone who mixes the twi and English in his bars in an amazing way l and I find it so cool!

His track ‘Don’t be late’ is definitely one of the best songs this year in my opinion, and once you check it out, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Quamina MP

I don’t know what it is about Quamina MP’s voice but every time I hear his voice, I’m amazed! He’s someone who is yet to disappoint me on a track. Every track I’ve heard him on has been a banger, whether it’s his own song (e.g. Amanfour Girls) or songs where he’s the person being featured (e.g. Sista Afia – Weather).

He’s a very talented individual and I can’t wait to hear more bangers from him. Just listen to Wiase Y3d3 and you’ll understand why I’m a huge fan!

Kelvyn Boy

I’m disappointed in myself for not taking his music seriously from the get-go! I loved his verse in Kpo K3K3, but I didn’t take him seriously until he released his T.I.M.E EP a few months ago. His music and his voice in general, gives of those vibes where you can just chill (because it’s not everyday do up azonto warrior).

If you like Stonebwoy’s music, I think you’ll like Kelvyn Boy’s music too. I’d highly recommend that you all listen to his song with Joey B, Mea.

Hopefully you guys actually go and listen to the people I’ve listed! Once you listen, trust me you won’t regret it.

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